21 July 2010

Maiko Tanefumi 田ね文 Maiko Fukumari ふく真莉

Maiko Tanefumi, Portrait
Kyoto, June 2010 

Maiko Tanefumi is from the Hanamachi of Miyagawacho. I could shoot this lovely portrait 3 days before her Misedashi, the ceremony where she would make her debut as a Maiko. So, on this picture she was not a Maiko yet but still Minarai (apprentice, litterally means “watch and learn”).
She has no red lipstick on her upper lip as it usually is on the first year as a Maiko. She will start using it from the second year.

The below portrait of Maiko Fukumari ふく真莉 was shot on the same month.
On this picture, she was also on her first year as a Maiko and therefore without red lipstick on her upper lip.

Maiko Fukumari, Portrait
Kyoto, June 2010

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