1 July 2010

Maiko Tanewaka たね若

Portrait of Maiko Tanewaka
Kyoto, June 2010

Tanewaka-san is a Maiko of Miyagawa-cho (宮川町) Hanamachi. She is wearing a beautiful purple kimono with a yellow obi or darari (belt). Maiko wear a different Kanzashi (hair ornament) every month. We can find out from her Kanzashi that I shot this portrait in June because it contains a Hydrangea. This flower blooms during the rainy season in June. I could shoot this lovely portrait after she performed a dance (picture below) on the famous song Gion-ko-uta 祇園小唄 in the garden of Kyoto Kokusai Hotel.

Maiko Tanewaka
Performing Gion-ko-uta 祇園小唄 , Kyoto, June 2010

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