17 August 2010

Wagasa 和傘

#Wagasa 和傘, Japanese traditional umbrellas
Kyoto, Handicraft center, Aug 2010

Wagasa are a popular symbol of the Japanese and Kyoto culture. Widely used since Edo period, they're not only a protection against the rain or the sun but became a fashion accessory that comes in all sort of colors. Nowadays, they are used in ceremonies such as wedding or tea ceremony, as well as by Maiko and Geiko.
They're made of bamboo and washi (paper) that is changeable. So the good ones can be kept for 20 years !

The following link will answer anything you always "dreamed" to know about Wagasa...

Wagasa 和傘, Japanese traditional umbrellas 
Kyoto, Handicraft center, Aug 2010


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  1. 古都の美しさが、清らかに表現されています。