19 September 2010

Maiko Mamehana 豆はな Autumn

Maiko Mamehana, portrait
Kyoto 2010

What a crowd at Ihee to admire Maiko Mamehana. Of course, she is beautiful, so that could be the reason. Or was it because of her upcoming erikae? Anyway, it was great to see her again (view my previous portrait series of Mamehana san here). Taking pictures becomes easy with her.

Maiko Mamehana, Sensu 扇子
Kyoto 2010

On this one, I asked her which flower was represented on her Kanzashi (hair ornament). She said it was "Kikyou" Bellflower as it is common in September. Then, she took her sensu (fan) to show me that it was assorted to her hair. Lovely!

Maiko Mamehana, Ihee
Kyoto 2010

And she is also great when she doesn't look towards the camera.

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