20 September 2010

Manto Matsuri, Manto festival

Manto Matsuri, Taiko performer
Hirano Shrine, Kyoto 2010

Manto Matsuri is a festival that takes place at Hirano shrine in the evening in Mid-September. 800 lanterns are lit at this occasion and several performances such as dance or taiko are held. Not as crowded as Kyoto most famous festivals, it's a good chance to enjoy a local festival and to take time for some night photo shooting. For all people living in the neighborhood this is the event of the year and everyone has to participate either in the performance or the preparation.

 Manto Matsuri, lanterns
Hirano Shrine, Kyoto 2010

Manto Matsuri, flute 笛 & shamisen 三味線 performers
Hirano Shrine, Kyoto 2010

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