23 September 2010

Takase river, boat festival, 高瀬川舟まつり

 #Maiko Shinaju and Maiko Ichiraku preparing Macha
Takasegawa, Kyoto 2010

Every year in September the "fune matsuri" -boat festival- takes place on Takase river. This place reminds us that until Meiji era water canals were the main mean of transportation to bring goods from Osaka to Kyoto. Several events take place that day on this historical site. But the main attraction is to drink Macha -tea- served by two Maiko of Pontocho and to take a timeless picture of them in the boat. This year (2010), Macha was served by Shinaju-san and Ichiraku-san.

Click here to see another picture of Shinaju-san without oshiroi (white make up) in one of my previous post.

 Maiko Shinaju serving Macha

Maiko Shinaju, 志奈壽 portrait

Maiko Ichiraku and Maiko Shinaju
On the boat on Takase river

These wonderful smiles were not for me but for my 3-year-old boy...  


 Maiko Ichiraku, 市楽, getting off the boat.
Maiko Shinaju on the background.
Kyoto 2010

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