3 October 2010

巻蛇き Jamaki Festival 2 - Children portrait series

 Boy carrying the "snake", Jamaki Festival
 Tawaramoto, Nara 2010

This is the event of the year where the whole village has to participate in the preparation or the parade. This is great fun for the children who are always excited and enthusiastic...at least at the beginning. And great fun for me to take these pictures of them and to try to capture their emotion. The colors were great with the blue costumes on the yellow wheat stalks.

Click here to view my other post containing the explanation of this festival.

 Boy portrait 50mm, Jamaki Festival, Nara 2010

Happy but probably exhausted after a day carrying the "snake" around the village.

 Getting ready for the parade, Jamaki Festival
Nara 2010

Only men can carry the "snake" for the parade. This young boy seems proud to be part of it.

 Boy in the parade, Jamaki festival, Nara 2010

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