2 December 2010

Kaomise Kabuki Performance, Maiko from GionKobu

Maiko Mameyuri, Kaomise soken
Kyoto 2010

Did Maiko Mameyuri just see her favorite actor ?

Kaomise Soken is the main theater event in Kyoto in December gathering a huge number of famous actors. Maiko and Geiko go to attend the performance and to get the name of their favorite actors to hang on their kanzashi. Here are a few photos of Maiko from Gion kobu going to the performance.

Maiko Mameharu, portrait
Kyoto 2010

Her favorite actors are Sakata Tojyuro and Ichikawa Enya.

Odamoto Maiko
Katsuyuki at the front. Katsuya at the back
Kyoto 2010

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