26 December 2010

Memories of 2010 : October, Jidai Matsuri

 Madame Fujiwara Tamie, by Geiko Kouyo, portrait
 Kyoto 2010


Jidai Matsuri is certainly the most photogenic festival in Kyoto : 2000 participants wearing historical costumes in the perfect location, the Imperial Park. I took hundreds of great portraits thanks to the wonderful participants, including Maiko and Geiko. This is Geiko Kouyo dressed in Madame Fujiwara Tamie (wearing a headdress called Uchi Katsugi). This is one of my favorite portrait because it has something dramatic with the Uchikatsugi hiding part of her face and her looking at the camera but at the same time she seems to be absent.
On the below picture, you can see how the headdress looks like.

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