23 January 2011

Maiko Chizu and Geiko Momiyuki at Ebisu Shrine

 Geiko Momiyuki and Maiko Chizu at Ebisu Shrine
 Kyoto 2011

What a great evening at Ebisu Shrine.

After Satono, Satomi and Tanewaka, I could see Geiko Momiyuki and Maiko Chizu reading Omikuji.
(Omikuji : Fortunes written on strips of paper that are taken randomly from a box at the shrines).

And it seems like good news for Geiko Momiyuki. She obviously picked up the right Omikuji.

Maiko Chizu at Ebisu Shrine
Kyoto 2011

So glad to see Maiko Chizu her again after Kodaiji and Gion Matsuri last year.

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