18 February 2011

Maiko Sayaka, Chion In garden

Maiko Sayaka, Chion In Garden pond
Kyoto 2010 

With her upcoming erikae at the end of Feb 2011, all attention is on Maiko Sayaka. So it's a pleasure to share this #photo series of her that I shot at the photo session in Chion In temple end of 2010.

At that time, I knew this would be the last time I would see Mamechiho. But I didn't know that this would be the last chance to take pictures of Sayaka and Katsuyuki as Maiko.

 Playing Hanetsuki with Katsuyuki
 Kyoto 2010

Sayaka became the new muse of ihee (handicraft shop) just after Mamehana became a Geiko. I thought I could see her in ihee a few times like I did with Mamehana. But she only did Ihee winter postcard series and now will become a Geiko.

Sayaka looking at the carps (koi) in the pond
Kyoto 2010

There are plenty of nice spots in Chion In Garden. All these pictures were taken next to the pond.

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