25 March 2011

Maiko Ayano, dance at Yasaka Shrine 2

Maiko Ayano, Yasaka shrine
Kyoto 2011

As a way to respect the victims of the recent earthquake in Japan, Hanatouro was canceled after the first week end, here Ayano san from Pontocho on March 13th.

Maiko Ayano, zoom on her outfit
Kyoto 2011

Kyo Odori - posters

Kyo Odori, Miyagawacho
Kyoto 2011

Not really in the mood to post any picture in this terrible month of March 2011 in Japan. When walking around Higashiyama, these posters remind us that the Maiko and Geiko spring dance performance is starting soon. These posters are announcing Kyo-Odori, the dances of the Hanamachi of Miyagawacho that will take place during April 2 - 17.  Looking forward to see Tanewaka san  who is on the above poster (right).

13 March 2011

Maiko Ayano, dance at Yasaka Shrine

Maiko Ayano, dancing at Yasaka
Kyoto 2011

March is the start of the season of Kyoto great events and festivals. Like last year I went to Hanatouro, the temples light-up in Higashiyama. The highlight of this event are the dances performed by Maiko of the several Hanamachi (Maiko district) in Yasaka shrine. It started with the Hanamachi of Gion-kobu and Pontocho. Next week-end will be the 3 other hanamachi Miyagawacho, Kamishichiken and Gion-Higashi.
How wonderful to see Ayano san from Pontocho again. She became such a great dancer.  I enjoyed watching her and taking pictures with a 200mm lens. I am so glad about the results of these shots.

Sensu, Maiko Ayano
Kyoto 2011

11 March 2011

Scoop Ichiraku san Erikae 2

Geiko Ichiraku, Pontocho
Kyoto 2011

First of all, thanks for all the messages I received after the earthquake yesterday. My family and myself are all safe.

I could finally post some pictures of Ichiraku san Erikae. Look at all the detail of her outfit, she is stunning. Unfortunately, I couldn't go there so we have to thank my wife for these nice pictures. Pontocho is my favorite place for Maiko pictures because this is not as crowded as Gion and the lighting is much nicer with the natural shadow of this narrow street.

Ichiraku san, Pontocho
Kyoto 2011

Scoop Ichiraku san Erikae

Ichiraku Erikae
Kyoto 2011

Congratulations to Ichiraku san who became a Geiko on March 8. Maiko Tomoyuki would not miss it and shot a film of this great event.

7 March 2011

Maiko Satsuki Misedashi

Satsuki san, first day as a Maiko
Kyoto 2011

Doesn't she look like an angel? Lovely Satsuki san! Her Misedashi took place on Feb 28.  She was certainly impressed by the crowd of fans and photographers who would not miss her debut as a Maiko. This was only her first day and she was already famous.

5 March 2011

Maiko Ichiraku, sakkou haistyle

Maiko Ichiraku, Pontocho
Kyoto 2011

I am so grateful to Maiko Ichiraku for this portrait because she was in a hurry. I can't go to her erikae next week but what a chance to see her a few days before wearing sakkou.
A Maiko wears sakkou in the last 2 weeks of her Maiko career just before the erikae, the ceremony  where she will become a Geiko.

 Maiko Ichiraku, sakkou
Kyoto 2011