13 March 2011

Maiko Ayano, dance at Yasaka Shrine

Maiko Ayano, dancing at Yasaka
Kyoto 2011

March is the start of the season of Kyoto great events and festivals. Like last year I went to Hanatouro, the temples light-up in Higashiyama. The highlight of this event are the dances performed by Maiko of the several Hanamachi (Maiko district) in Yasaka shrine. It started with the Hanamachi of Gion-kobu and Pontocho. Next week-end will be the 3 other hanamachi Miyagawacho, Kamishichiken and Gion-Higashi.
How wonderful to see Ayano san from Pontocho again. She became such a great dancer.  I enjoyed watching her and taking pictures with a 200mm lens. I am so glad about the results of these shots.

Sensu, Maiko Ayano
Kyoto 2011

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