24 April 2011

Kamogawa Odori, rehearsal

Pontocho, Maiko after the rehearsal
Kyoto 2011

Pontocho is decorated with posters and lanterns announcing the spring dance performance Kamogawa odori May 1 - 24. Pontocho Kaburenjo (theater) is also beautifully decorated with lanterns covering the ceiling.

Lantern and Kamogawa odori poster
Kyoto 2011

All restaurants and shops in Pontocho are decorated with a lantern with a plover,  the symbol of Pontocho, as well as Kamogawa Odori poster that you can view on my previous post.

Maiko Mitsuna, portrait
Kyoto 2011

I was at the Kaburenjo "by chance" (^_-) after the rehearsal to make some portraits. I am grateful to Maiko Mitsuna for this photo. She always looks great. After a busy day preparing the performance, she is heading to her Okiya to get ready for the evening. All Maiko usually don't have much time to rest but they're always friendly and nice. I really admire them.

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