3 May 2011

A dream - Miyako Odori end ceremony

#Maiko Momokazu, Manaha, Mamesome, Ayano, Chisako, Ichiwaka, Takahina
Kyoto 2011

On May 1, Geiko and Oneesan from Gion kobu went to Yasaka shrine for the ceremony that ends Miyako Odori.

Yasaka shrine is so touristic that I didn't take many photos there so far. But this shrine means so much for all residents in Gion, not only during Gion Matsuri. This is the sacred place that protects them. By watching Gion-kobu Geiko and Maiko going there, as a natural step after Miyako Odori,  to pray and to thank the divinity that everything went well during Miyako Odori, I looked at it differently.

So I'm now thinking about Yasaka shrine for a future post...but coming back to the ceremony:

Maiko who participated to Miyako Odori didn't attend the ceremony but just went there to greet and thank their Oneesan and teacher.

It was really like a dream. It was unbelievable to see all of them at the same time dressed up so beautifully.

On the above picture, they are looking at their dance teacher with eyes full of respect. This is so beautiful.

After the greetings, they all returned to their Okiya in Gion followed by the usual crowd of photographers.

Maiko Makino, Mamechika, Takahina, Mamesaku, Ayano, Kyouka, Mamefusa, Mamesome
 Kyoto 2011

This is on Shijo dori, on the way to Hanami-koji.

 Maiko Mameyuri, Mamemaru, Manaha, Mamechika
 Kyoto 2011

This is the Northern part of Gion, near Shimbashi.

Maiko Kyouka, Mamesome (background Chisako, Katsuya)
Kyoto 2011

These two are friends. Is it the Osaka connection ? Anyway, it was the first time I heard them talking to each other using Osaka-ben (Osaka dialect) instead of the usual Kyoto-ben used by the Maiko and Geiko. This was maybe their way to relax a bit after an exhausting month. Lovely!

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