22 May 2011

Kamogawa Odori, final days

 Maiko Shinaju after Kamogawa Odori
Kyoto 2011

Just a few more days to enjoy Kamogawa Odori, the spring dance performed by the Maiko and Geiko of Pontocho. It's 5:30 and 30 seconds. The show finished at 5:30pm sharp and they are already running back to their Okiya to get ready to work in the evening. They're still wearing the hikizuri (outfit) they used for the show.

Pontocho (Kyoto famous narrow street full of restaurants) is such a photogenic place. And with all of them, this is just perfect.

Momifuku, Mitsuna, Momiju, Hisasuzu, Tomoyuki
Kyoto 2011

Believe it or not, but these smiles from Mitsuna and Momiju are for me!

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