24 July 2013

Hanagasa Junko 2013 #1


Hanagasa dance performed by Geiko from Pontocho

As every year, Hanagasa parade concludes Gion Matsuri festival. This year Maiko and Geiko from Pontocho and Gion Higashi participated to the parade and performed the Hanagasa dance on Yasaka temple stage for a wonderful finish.

20 July 2013

Gion Matsuri 2013 #4

Satsuki chan, portrait

She looks stunning. I remember seeing Satsuki when she was still Luna, a minarai early 2011 (see here). She already looked great but I couldn't imagine she would become such a beautiful Maiko. And again, I am so grateful to her, she is so patient and friendly despite of all requests.

An angel

19 July 2013

Gion Matsuri 2013 #3

Geiko Kyouka, Gion Matsuri

Geiko Kyouka waiting for the next hoko. This time she didn't take her camera.
Great to see her. Always friendly, accessible and full of energy! As always, I am grateful to her as well as Sayaka and Satsuki for their kindness and wonderful photo series.

18 July 2013

Gion Matsuri 2013 #2

 Carrying the Mikoshi, Gion Matsuri

Festival participants carried the (heavy) wooden portable Shrine from Yasaka through Gion and its neighbouring districts. Shop owners (including Ochaya) wait for them to greet them and to distribute some refreshment (mainly beer and sake).

They all looked exhausted but probably felt much better in front the Ochaya Ichiriki (below).

Maiko Chisako

17 July 2013

Gion Matsuri 2013 #1

Toshimana, attending Gion Matsuri main parade

So good to be back to Kyoto for a short break after 2 years. And on July 17, there was only I place I wanted to be to see Gion Matsuri main parade : Shinmachi. This is also where I watched the parade 2 years ago (see here)... and the year before, with Maiko & Geiko cheering the participants who were pulling the heavy hoko.