24 July 2014

Hanagasa junko 2014

Satsuki, portrait

Everyone was talking for over a year about seeing Satsuki during Hanagasa Junko. And here she was. And no one was disappointed.

21 July 2014

Geiko Miharu

Geiko Miharu

I had not seen Miharu since 2010 (click here) when she was still a -shy- Maiko.
She became a lovely Geiko, full of energy and a real entertainer.
I am grateful to her for the great pictures and portraits. Here is my favorite one where she was trying not to laugh...and eventually failed.  Enjoy!

20 July 2014

Gion Matsuri 2014 #2

Geiko Koyoshi

I had not seen Koyoshi as Geiko yet. Great to see her on Hanamikoji while waiting for the Mikoshi to be carried from Yasaka shrine.

17 July 2014

Gion Matsuri 2014 #1

Satsuki, watching the parade

I enjoy Gion Matsuri every year as much as I did the first time. It's always impressive, a unique atmosphere and a beautiful parade.
But again today, there was a chance to see Satsuki chan attending the parade. So when it comes to taking pictures, I mainly focused on her rather than on the parade...

Last year pictures here
And the same in 2011