26 October 2010

Maiko ichifuku 市福, Suimeikai

#Maiko Ichifuku, Suimeikai
#Pontocho Kaburenjo, Kyoto 2010

Maiko and Geiko Autumn dances are worth seeing inside and outside the Kaburenjo (theater).
After Mizuekai early Oct,  I didn't want to miss Suimeikai the dances performed by the Maiko and Geiko of Pontocho.  I attended the performance on Oct 24 but also went to Pontocho on Oct 22 and 23 only to see the wonderful scene of the Maiko and Geiko greeting in front of the Kaburenjo. The atmosphere was amazing. The above picture is Maiko Ichifuku greeting a Geiko before entering the Kaburenjo.

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