22 November 2010

Maiko Umehisa, Iwai-mai 祝舞

Maiko Umehisa before performing the Momiji dance
Kyoto 2010 

Several events take place at Kitano tenmangu to celebrate the Momiji season. The highlight is Iwai-mai, dances performed by Maiko of Kamishichiken, this year Maiko Umehisa, Umeyae and Ichimomo. If only they could have started one hour earlier. The scenery was perfect, red bridge, momiji and other colorful autumn leaves on the background. It was a bit too dark to take good pictures when it started at 05:00pm but anyway I won't complain, I enjoyed it a lot right in front of them.

 Maiko Umehisa, dance
 Kyoto 2010

Maiko Umehisa, obi
Kyoto 2010

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