14 December 2010

Kotohajime, Ninben

 Geiko Mamehana and Mamechiho,  Koto Hajime
 Kyoto 2010

The rain didn't discourage the crowd from waiting for the "ninben sisters" during Koto-hajime. During this event Geiko and Maiko visit their teachers of traditional arts to express their gratitude for the past year and best wishes for the year to come. So glad to see Mamehana and Mamechiho again. Who wouldn't? I used a 50mm lens. It was difficult to get a good shot with the rain and I wish I could have seen Mamehana san black kimono that can be partially seen on these pictures. But finally all the wagasa made it such a beautiful scene.

Geiko Mamehana, Koto Hajime
Kyoto 2010

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