25 January 2011

Archery contest at Sanjusangendo

Archery contest, snowfall
Sanjusangendo temple, Kyoto 2011

As every year, on Jan 16 an archery contest took place at Sanjusangendo temple (Temple Webpage in Japanese). 2000 contestants came from all over Japan wearing their nicest suits. 20 year-old women could also wear their furisode (kimono) from seijin-shiki on this occasion (see below photos).
Most of the participants were eliminated after shooting only 2 arrows. And that's the beauty of it : what matters about the contest was not the contest itself but just to be there, to gather with friends and to wear these colorful kimono.

It was really cold and the young archer on the top picture was shaking before shooting. So he missed the target. His suit was really photogenic but surely not appropriate for such weather. I didn't like this spot to take pictures at first because of the back light but finally the snow made it quite nice.

Archery contest
Kyoto 2011

Preparation, focus, concentration. Most of them did not hit the target. But it was great to watch them preparing the bow so carefully.

Archery contest, girls
Kyoto 2011

Archery contest, portrait
Kyoto 2011

I asked her if she was not too sad to be eliminated after shooting only 2 arrows ? Obviously she was not.

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