8 January 2011

Shigyoushiki Gion Kobu

Maiko Katsuya, Katsumi and Katsuyuki
Kyoto 2011

Shigyoshiki is literally the ceremony that celebrates the start of a new school year. In Japan this takes place in April for every school. But for Geiko and Maiko, this ceremony takes place in January. They all wear a formal black kimono for this occasion.

These pictures were taken on Jan 7 after the ceremony of Gion-kobu.

 Maiko Mameharu
 Kyoto 2011

Tough to get a good shot through the crowd of photographers. This is Maiko Mameharu before she entered an Ochaya on Hanamikoji. On the below picture, this is Geiko Yasuha who kindly posed also before entering an Ochaya.

Geiko Yasuha, portrait
Kyoto 2011

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