3 July 2011

Maiko Satohina & Satohana, greetings

Maiko Satohina and Satohana, after the show
Kyoto 2011

These are 2 of the lovely Sato-girls, Maiko from Kamishichiken. They just performed a dance and are now greeting the audience. I like this angle. You can admire the Obi perfectly tied up and the neck which is the only part of the body that is not covered by the hikizuri (kimono) or oshiroi (white make up). After a dance performance, they often sweat but no one sees it because they face the audience. Afterwards, they always use a handkerchief before it spreads to the make up. So elegant, as always.


  1. Although Kyoto is among my favorites places in Japan and went there several times for (too) short visits, I was never lucky enough to see a maiko or geisha in the street.