9 January 2011

Shigyoushiki Kamishichiken

The "Sato girls" , Satohana, Satoryu, Satohina
Kyoto 2011

On Jan 9 it was the turn of the hanamachi (Maiko district) of Kamishichiken to hold their shigyoushiki. Events in Kamishichiken are always less crowded than for the other Hanamachi so the atmosphere is more relaxed. 

The Sato girls on the above pictures. Their misedashi took place in 2010 so this is still first year as Maiko (read about Misedashi).

Thanks to my 3-year-old boy we could get the attention (and smile!) of Umeraku and Umeyae on their way to the ceremony. Last year he also helped me to get this lovely shot. Maybe I should take him with me more often.

 Maiko Umeraku and Umeyae
Kyoto 2011

And I could get Maiko Umesaya to smile, so shy so sweet. I was probably too close.

Maiko Umesaya, portrait
Kyoto 2011

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