25 April 2011

Maiko Fumino

Maiko Fumino as Hikae
Kyoto 2011

This is my first post of Maiko Fumino. She looks like a doll. She always seems a bit shy and distant but was in the spotlight during Miyako Odori as Hikae in the tea ceremony held by Mamehana san. She is amazing in this colorful hikizuri and seems already so grown up compared to the below pictures at Miyabikai in July 2010 and Shigyoshiki in Jan 2011.

Maiko Fumino, Miyabikai
Kyoto 2010

Miyabikai is the event where Maiko from Gion Kobu go to Yasaka Shrine to pray to improve in their practice of arts. They all wear the same yukata without oshiroi (white make up).

Maiko Fumino and Maiko Ayano
Kyoto 2011

Maiko Fumino and Maiko Ayano at Shigyo-shiki in Jan 2011.

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