10 April 2011

Kyo Odori - Cherry blossom

Miyagawacho, lanterns & cherry blossom
Kyoto 2011

This is how Miyagawacho district looked like today. The lanterns announcing Kyo Odori and the cherry blossom.

Path to Miyagawacho Kaburenjo
Kyoto 2011

The path to the entrance of the Kaburenjo (theater) was also stunning. And the best was still to come: Kyo Odori dance performance.

Kyo Odori lantern, Machiya
Kyoto 2011

All the Machiya (Kyoto typical wooden houses) in Miyagawacho are currently decorated with lanterns and cherry flowers announcing the spring dance performance.

Maiko Fukuai, portrait at Miyagawacho Kaburenjo
Kyoto 2011

Unfortunately, this is now forbidden to take photos during the dance so I won't post any except this one of Maiko Fukuai collecting donation for the earthquake victims. She played Shamisen today at the final dance (Miyagawa Ondo) while 7 Maiko were opening the flower stage (hana butai) : Tanewaka, Kofuku, Fukusuzu, Kimiaya, Kimichie, Fumihana and Fukuyu.  So colorful, so beautiful.

The Kanzashi (hair ornament) in April is usually pink cherry flowers. We also see some like hers containing silver butterflies.

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  1. Maiko Fukuai is absolutely adorable! :3 <3