21 April 2011

Miyako Odori - Mamehana san

Mamehana san, preparing Macha
Miyako Odori, Kyoto 2011

To get the privilege to have a Macha (green tea) prepared by Mamehana san before attending Miyako Odori (Gion Kobu spring dance performance), I had to book my ticket 3 months in advance and almost run to sit in the first rank.

I sat there and greet her. She certainly wanted to laugh when she saw me going straight right in front of her with a happy smile on my face. You are not supposed to greet, smile or show any expression when you hold a tea ceremony. So she could not return my greetings.

Her response was actually nicer. She knew I would be so happy to get such a picture of her. So she looked at me which was her way to greet me and thank me for coming. Wonderful, Mamehana san, I am so grateful to her.

Maiko Fumino brought me the Macha Mamehana san prepared. This day could not be better.

Mamehana san, portrait
Kyoto 2011

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