23 April 2011

Pontocho in May

 Kamogawa Odori May 1-24
 Pontocho, Kyoto 2011

After Kamishichiken in March, Miyagawacho and Gion-Kobu in April, Pontocho Hanamachi (Maiko district) also holds its Maiko and Geiko spring dance performance in May. This is called Kamogawa Odori, literally dance of Kamo river, in reference to the Kyoto main river which is parallel to Pontocho street. The above poster is hang on every restaurant and shop of Pontocho.

So in Kyoto in May, the action is in Pontocho because all the restaurants also open their outdoor sittings from up to September. Nothing better in the warm summer than to have dinner there and to get some fresh wind from Kamo river.

Building outdoor sittings in Pontocho restaurants
Kyoto 2011

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